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Meet Tara Holiday

Hello there, once again! Our update for tonight cannot be missed for no reason, because Erica Lauren has something truly special for her fans. This time, her experience is all about Tara Holiday, a smoking hot brunette with a big hunger for lesbian sex and dildos. Erica will give her the moment of her life tonight.


Those two hot babes just meet again after a couple of years and because Erica missed a lot this crazy chick, she invited Tara at her place for a little catch up. But from the moment they walked in, Tara was all over Erica, kissing and touching her amazing hot body. Watch how Erica takes out her beloved toys and start to play with them around Tara’s pretty pussy. She will putt away whose sexy green panties and will shove that big dildo deep inside on Tara’s naughty cunt, making her moaning in pleasure.


Then the girls will go all naked, exposing their sexy body all over the camera for their fans. After a little fingering, both will grab a nasty big toy to dildo fucking each other. Watch them with their sexy legs spread wide open and a big toy shoved deep inside of those pretty pussies. They will touch and rub each other sexy body while masturbating fast with those toys. The moment when they both finish cannot be missed.  Visit out website for some more sexy Erica and every crazy sex experience she had. Also you can watch other hot lesbians dildo fucking each other’s tight cunt inside the website! See you soon!

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Erica Lauren – The Girlfriend Experience With Justice

Hello once again, boys and girls! Tonight Erica will share with you one of her crazier sex experiences. This hot MILF will be roughly fucked tonight and her partner will show no mercy for her sexy fuck holes, but you will see her enjoying this more than ever!

Justice seems to be a ruthless lover with a hard cock and a great appetite for mature sexy women. He is not that mean, but he likes to do things properly. So Erica will be this time dominated by this sexy stud. Take a look of how she enjoys sucking on that cock helped by his hand which grips the hair and makes her to do some nice a professionals deep throats. She will also put those slutty little hands all over that cock. This time you will assist at a hardcore blowjob made by this incredibly hot MILF.



Here Erica is on doggy style and her partner will fuck her balls deep from behind, making her to moan and scream in pleasure. I’m pretty sure that Erica won’t forget soon about this crazy hot experience she just had and she is trilled that she can share with everyone this.  Next week, she will bring to you another special moment for her so that we all have the chance to see more of this gorgeous mature lady with a great appetite for sex and rough fucking.

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Fucked By Pornstar Christian

Hello there, once again, boys and girls! Are you ready for some hot Erica Lauren porn? Of course you are. Nobody should miss this crazy beautiful and experienced and busty blonde when in action. This time she is with an old friend, a hot stud with a big cock who will bend her and fuck her roughly from behind. And she will be trilled to share this experience with you.

Christian went to a visit to his old friend Erica. They have a lot of experiences together, so they wanted to catch up a little bit. After a lot of chitchat, they all got really horny, so Erica dropped on her knees and wrapped her juicy lips around that hard and big cock, just to remember Christian that nobody knows how to blow that cock better than she does. When everything was hard as she prefers, Christian pulled her up and bended her then he started to fuck her from behind balls-deep. In the end, you will see Erica getting a big spuzz all over her pretty face and some dribble of cum running down her chin. Cum back next week for some more of this hot MILF.

Fucked by Pornstar Christian

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Erica Lauren Porn – Mistletoe Suck and Fuck

Hello there, everybody! Last time we have promised a hot Erica Lauren porn update for tonight. We have it, of course, but it is even hotter that you can imagine. Erica is really naughty this time and even if she risks a lot of things, she cannot abstain from doing crazy things again. And that is not all, she will share with everybody what she is doing with no shame or worries about the consequences.

So Erica just met Santa. But she did not wanted a present from him, she wanted his hard cock. Yeah, our girl was very very naughty this time. And because she always gets what she wants, Santa gave her his big cock for sucking. She took it with no shame. After a second she was all over that cock and those juicy lips were wrapped around it. She sucked and slurped until Santa gave her the taste of cum that she deserves. She get it a healthy dose of jizz load between her lips and on that worthy tongue and in the end she swallowed every drop from her mouth. But you will also see dribble of cum running down her chin. Now we all wonder: is it worth it to be a good girl?  Cum back next week for some more of this crazy hot MILF with a big appetite for fucking and sucking at the same time.

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Time To Play Together

Hello there, boys and girls! Who can guess what do we have tonight for you? Let me tell you: it is a super hot Erica Lauren solo update. This hot mature woman wants share with her fans every sex unforgettable experience she has, that’s why tonight you will see entertaining herself with some big toys and that crazy beautiful smile on her face.

Erica Lauren in Time To Play Together

Our Erica is about to go at work, but before that, she thought that the day will pass way much better if she is having a morning orgasm. So after a quick shower she grabbed one of her favorite vibrator, turned on the camera and started to play again with her pretty pussy. After some good fingering, you will see this MILF shoving that big toys deep inside of her cunt. Her clit will be also massaged by that miracle dildo. She will not stop until she reaches the orgasm when you will hear her moaning in pleasure. Do not miss the next update when this incredibly good looking woman will share some of her great sex experience with the whole world. Also you can join the blog and see some busty babes getting naked for the cam!

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Erica Lauren in Self Serve Diner

Hi once again, everyone! Are you ready for some hot action with Erica? Because our fresh update for tonight presets her in a very sexy aspect dildo fucking herself. She will share with the whole world the way she prefers a diner: entertaining herself.

So our MILF seems to be in the mood for naughty things again. She will do anything for an orgasm, so tonight you will see her giving pleasures to herself using only her naughty little hands and some nasty big toys. She will start with a slow touching under that sexy dress she is wearing. Watch her fingering her pussy and moaning in pleasure. And when she will be horny and wet enough, she will bring on the table some of her favorite toys. Being a professional slut, she will know how to use both of them at the same time. Her tight dress and those white panties will make you dreaming of shoving your hard and thick cock deep inside of that eager pussy. She will not stop until she reaches the orgasm and that is a moment you cannot miss. So sit back and take a look of sexy Erica breaking out some of her favorite vibrators and giving herself unforgettable moments. Do not miss the nest week update where Erica will share again some of her incredible hot experiences with her fans. This hot MILF cannot be missed however. If you want to see other sexy milfs stripping and rubbing their pussies, check out the site! Have fun!

Erica Lauren in Self Serve Diner

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Red Chair Solo Action

Hi once again, everyone! As we’ve promised, tonight we have for you a special hot Erica Lauren update. This crazy beautiful woman will show her goods at the camera tonight and will entertain herself on a red chair. But she will share her experience with everybody, so sit back and watch Erica in action again.

Today Erica had dirty little thoughts about touching herself and that made her really horny and wet. That’s why the first thing she did when she arrived home was to turn on the camera and take her red chair for a ride. Watch her starting with a slow and sexy strep-tease that will get you out of your mind, making you dreaming of putting your hard cock all over that hot MILF. After she takes her clothes off, exposing that good looking body to the camera, she will start to touch and rob those sexy boobs and her eager pussy. Take a look of how she is playing with her clit and how she finger fucking her cunt. Moaning in pleasure, she will definitely know how to reach the orgasm. Do not miss that moment because it is divine. And if you cum back next week, Erica will have another special surprise for her fans trying to entertain you and to give herself pleasures at the same time. Also, visit our website if you want more of this MILF porn star who has a lot of experience and is willing to share some of it. If you want to see a other beautiful babes getting naked in front of the camera, check out the website & have fun!

Erica Lauren in Red Chair Solo Action

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Erica Lauren in Hot French Cock Sausage

Hello there, boys and gals! Last time we have promised another hot update with sexy Erica. Tonight we have it and it’s even more hotter that you could expect it. You will see Erica being balls-deep fucked from behind and in the end she will get a nice cumshot on her pretty skin.

This incredibly good looking MILF seems not to get enough of good sex sessions, but who does? A healthy sex session is always welcomed and that’s why our Erica took advantage of the fact that she got a surprise visit from a old friend. After a lot of catch up, they remembered how good the sex was between them, so they said that it would be such a pity if they wouldn’t repeat those experiences once again. So watch them starting slowly with kisses and teasing then going rough and hard. Erica will start with a professional blow job and when everything will be hard and big as she prefers she will be bended and fucked from behind ball-deep and in the end she will get a nice and big load of cum on her beautiful buttock. Do not miss the next week update is you want more of this incredibly hot mature porn star.

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First Time Mature BJ

Hello once again, everybody! Erica Lauren has a hot update for you tonight, so get ready for a new mature incredibly hot sex session with our sexy MILF porn star. Watch her in action with a teen who has never have a mature sex experience.

Erica is getting naughty again when, because she just picked up a geek looking teen to offer him the experience of his life. This young man never been with a mature woman and for Erica that is a big turn on. But that is not all, seeing him very shy and insecure there on the couch made her ever more hornier. So our porn star turned on the camera and started the action. She grabbed his hard cock out of the pants and wrapped her juicy lips around it. Watch her sucking and slurping on that hard cock with her slutty little hands all over it. She will go deep throat and hardcore blowjob. Our teen will be amazed of what this sexy mature MILF is capable of and he will definitely come back for a second round. Watch how Erica finishes him by sucking that cock and how she will take his jizz load all over her cute face. 

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Erica Lauren – The GF Experience With Ava Devine

Hi once again, boys and girls! Tonight we will bring to you a incredibly hot Erica lesbian update. You will have the chance to see sexy Erica having a great lesbian experience with hot Ava Devine. These two babes will entertain us tonight with a hot girl-on-girl session.

Our MILF Erica seems to know how to appreciate a good sex partner, no matter if it is a man or a woman. This time she picked Ava to put on stage a hot lesbian show and it seems like she’s enjoying every second. Ava will make this experience hard to forget for Erica, because you will see her giving anything it takes to satisfy our Erica. She will take her clothes off and will kiss and touch those perky titties. Then she will get right down to business eating that lovely pussy of Erica’s. Watch how Erica will be as generous as Ava and how those two will satisfy themselves by shoving some big and nasty toys in their cunt. Those sexy bodies will be all over the camera and Ava will look incredibly hot in that red outfit with those thigh high black stockings. Take a look of how Erica grips her hair when she licks that eager pussy of Erica’s. Those two babes definitely will make your night! Do not miss the end because you might have a nice surprise. See you next week when Erica will have prepared another hot update for you.

Ava Devine The GF Experience

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